Steel of Denmark

Can help Denmark safely through the Covid-19 crisis

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic requires action through innovative solutions which can help Denmark and the world safely through it.

Steel of Denmark has now designed a Hygiene-station which makes it easy for everyone to meet the Government’s and the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines for good hygiene – both private, companies and the public.

Hygiene-station – Mobile or Fixed

With a Hygiene-station – Mobile or Fixed, it is possible to deliver a ready-made solution everywhere in the public space with water, soap and hand sanitizer.

Together we can beat Covid-19

Together we are stronger. Only united as a nation with common guidelines, we can beat Covid-19. Steel of Denmark has developed a Hygiene-station in cooperation with Grundfos and Højbjerg VVS Service.

The Hygiene-station can be delivered as a fixed or mobile solution, it meets all the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations, and its purpose is to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Read more about WHO’s recommendations.

Minimizes the risk of the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases
Easy to clean
Hands-free service
Easy and user-friendly solution which is ready-made in a few minutes
Possible to establish everywhere in the public space
Comes with water cans as a mobile or fixed solution with connection of water
Can be designed according to unique specifications and measurements
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