Steel of Denmark against Covid-19

We face a crisis of so far unknown dimensions in our time. A pandemic with far-reaching consequences for people, companies and nations worldwide. A challenge, we can only solve, if we stand united as a nation and do what we can to contain the spread of Covid-19 – also known as coronavirus.

Therefore, we have now created two innovative solutions in collaboration with Grundfos and Højbjerg VVS Service which are ready to conquer the whole country and make Denmark a more safe and secure place – without Covid-19.

Based on the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations, we at Steel of Denmark have a distinguished task in spreading the knowledge and the possibility of our solutions to the whole country. They are designed so that they are hands-free, easy to clean and can be available where many people meet.

Design with care

Our hands-free Hygiene-stations are merely an example of how fast we can adapt. We have a mantra saying that everything is thought and designed directly from the hand and is produced uniquely according to needs.

We think about purpose and perspectives before we see boxes and limitations. From a perspective of seeing solutions in challenges, we can develop tailored solutions with high complexities for simple purposes in the everyday life.

This we call smart design solutions. And therefore, we can design, develop and produce everything in stainless steel according to specific measurements. Also, if you need a similar Hygiene-station for the home, company, sports organization, train station, restaurant or elsewhere.

Learn more about Covid-19

If you wish to know more about WHO’s guidelines and recommendations regarding Covid-19, you can find lots of relevant information here.

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